At Milestones Early Learning Center & Preschool we recognize how important new beginnings are in each child’s development and to their families. We call these transitions. We make a great effort to make these smooth for everyone.


Starting a new program can be difficult for a child. The Center believes that gradual enrollment is best for the child, parent, and teacher. This allows the child and parent to become familiar with the classroom and gives the teacher the opportunity to get to know the child and parent. In order to ease this transition, each child will be required to visit his/her classroom twice, for 30-45 minutes each, before they start the program.  During these visits you will tour the facility, meet with your child’s teacher, spend time in their classroom and complete the enrollment paperwork. Parents are asked to schedule visits in advance to assure that the classroom does not have a special event or activity planned during the time of the visit.


It is Milestones Early Learning Center’s mission to provide affordable child care.  We offer a range of affordable options including:


  • Child Care Assistance Program through Illinois’ Department of Human Services
  • United Way Sliding Scale
  • Sponsorships & Scholarships
  • Family Funded


Call Dana or Erica at 309-829-4202 to discuss pricing options.